Become a Member

Thanks for considering membership in the Pike County Chamber of Commerce. Please take a moment to review Why You Should Become a Member and our Investment Schedule.

The Chamber is a business and it incurs costs of operations and expenses similar to any other type of business. Those expenses are apportioned among our members–individuals and firms representing all types of business, industry and professionals. Chamber membership is an investment in the present and future welfare of our county. 

The Chamber is a 501(c)(6) organization.  Although we are tax exempt, dues and sponsorships are not considered to be tax-deductible contributions, but rather a normal business expense (for income tax purposes). In order to give the Chamber a steady and dependable income on which to plan its community development programs, memberships are understood to be continuous.

If you are interested in joining the Chamber, please contact our office at or by telephone at 217-285-2971.