EPIC: Everyone in Pike Included & Contributing

EPIC information is now available online!  Please visit the EPIC webpage to learn more about EPIC: Everyone in Pike Included & Contributing!  

There are several events scheduled and many more to come.  All EPIC training events are FREE to Pike County residents!  Two upcoming events, PATH and Star Raft, have utility beyond 'disability' - for community development, business development, civic enterprises, congregational growth, mobilizing youths, elders, finding futures for kids who are on the margins, etc.  ALL interested community members are encouraged to attend!  

If you are interested in knowing more, please call Michele Westmaas, 217-473-6450, or Carrie Martin, EPIC Grant Facilitator, 217-242-9833 or 217-506-2860.  We will be happy to visit with you or meet with your group to share more information about this exciting opportunity in Pike County!