Frequently Asked Questions

Where do I go to... 


Get license tabs or register a motor vehicle?

                                        Illinois Drivers Exam Station    217-285-5529
                                        202 W. Jefferson
                                        Pittsfield, IL 62363                                   


Get current or old Birth Certificates and Death Certificates?

                              Pike County Clerk    217-285-6812

Get a Marriage License?

                              Pike County Clerk    217-285-6812

Get Property Tax information?

                   Pike County Supervisor of Assessments  217-285-2382

Get a Building Permit?

                   Pike County Zoning Administrator    217-285-4013


Pay a fine or speeding ticket? 

                   Pike County Circuit Clerk  217-285-6612

Contact Justice of the Peace or ask jury duty related questions?

                            Pike County Circuit Clerk  217-285-6612


With animal issues (Animal adoptions, dog registrations, investigation of animal bites to humans, cruelty, neglect and nuisance complaints, and a temporary shelter for stray, abandoned and unwanted domestic animals)?

                           Pike County Animal Control 217-285-4812


Get a Passport?

                           Pike County Circuit Clerk  217-285-6612



Get Energy Assistance help? 

                                     Two Rivers Regional Council     217-285-5424
                                     120 S. Madison
                                     Pittsfield, Il 62363


Contact bus service in the county:  At their new location in the former JDL comple

                           Pike County Public Transit    866-443-2901              


Discuss the valuation on my property?

                   Pike County Supervisor of Assessments  217-285-2382


Get a beer, liquor or tobacco license?

Get an employment application for a job or see current job openings?

Get information about the local 4-H program?

                                      University of Illinois Extension

                                      1301 E. Washington
                                      Pittsfield, Il 62363


Report hazards on County Highways?

                            Pike County Highway Department  217-285-4364 or
                            Pike County Sheriff's Office    217-285-4471


Apply for social services?

                                      Pike County General Assistance 217-285-2726
                                      202 E. Adams St
                                      Pittsfield, Il 62363


Apply for child support services?

Apply for financial assistance programs?

Report suspected abuse or neglect of children or vulnerable adults?

                             Child & Family Connections     217-285-6714


Get information on health screenings, immunizations, WIC, or car seat program?

                             Pike County Health Department  217-285-4407
                             113 E. Jefferson
                             Pittsfield,IL   62363                     


Apply for Veterans benefits?

Contact my village or township officials? 

For a new Social Security Card or rreplacement for a lost one?