Let's Say Thanks - annual veterans postcard program

Lets Say Thanks postcard

The Pike County Chamber of Commerce is pleased to announce the sixth annual “Let’s Say Thanks” program, a county-wide recognition program to thank veterans and their families first launched in 2010. Thanks to the generousity of an anonymus donor, the Pike County Chamber of Commerce will distribute postcards free of charge (minus the stamp) to Pike County residents through distribution points around the county. It is asking participants to stamp and mail these postcards to veterans and/or families of veterans to say “thank-you” in time for Veteran’s Day on November 11th

A new postcard has been produced directed to all Pike County Veterans, which salutes all branches of the military. It is a thank you from family, friends, neighbors, churches and businesses.  The message on the back reads: 

back of postcard
The postcards will be available at places such as post offices, banks, churches, Senior Centers, the Pike County Sheriff’s office, shops on the Square in Pittsfield, the Courthouse, city and village offices, and at the Chamber office/ Pike County Visitors Center at 224 W. Washington in Pittsfield.  

The “Let’s Say Thanks” program grew out of a concern that Veteran’s Day become a day of gratitude for those who have served and who are serving this homeland, as well as their families.    

For information about the “Let’s Say Thanks” program, contact Kaye Iftner, Executive Director at 217-285-2971 or by email at info@pikeil.org                              

Last November the Pike County Chamber of Commerce was pleased to present the fifth annual “Let’s Say Thanks” program.
Last year's postcard saluted all veterans of Pike County and featured the image of Staff Sergeant Corey Tharp and his son Erik.  Corey is currently serving in Korea while his family resides in Pittsfield.  The thank you message on the back read:  “You are receiving this card as an expression of gratitude for your service in the United States Armed Forces.  Someone once said “A veteran is someone who, at one point in his or her life, wrote a blank check made payable to “The United States of America” for an amount up to and including his or her life”.  Thank you for your commitment to liberty and justice for all…”.