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Chamber and University of Illinois Extension team up to provide Customer Service and Hospitality Training

Today’s customers are smarter and more discerning than ever.  They demand great service.  As a result, the folks on the front lines of our local businesses, agencies and organizations must stand ready to meet customer needs.

This program is designed to help people see the importance of delivering excellent customer service for their individual development as well as the success of their business and our entire community.

The Pike County Chamber of Commerce and University of Illinois Extension will present two sessions (same material will be repeated) on Monday, November 10th.

Times are 1-2 PM OR 6-7 PM.  The sessions will be held at the Pittsfield Community Center (224 W. Washington).  Cost is $15/person.  Registration is required.  Please visit:


Contact Kaye Iftner (217-285-2971) or or Shelby Crow (217-223-8380) or for more information.

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